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In al-Haq al-Mujtala fi Hukm al-Mubtala, Ahmad Raza has clarified the Islamic view about leprosy declaring it non-contagious disease. He supported the argument with various traditions of the Prophet Muhammad.

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This text is compilation of tributes paid by famous scholar like Hidayat Allah Sindhi, Mazhar Allah Delhvi, Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Abu al-Hasan Ali Nadvi, Maududi, Dr Zia al-Din, Dr Jamil Jalbi, Dr Farman Fatehpuri, Dr Mukhtar al-Din Ahmad, Dr Mohi…

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Ahmad Raza has contribution in fields of religious poetry, political thought, economics, translation of Quran, jurisprudence as well as in topics belonging to physics (like atomic theory, auditory theory, wave, sound), medical science and education.

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Kanz al-Iman is Urdu translation of the Quran rendered by Ahmad Raza in 1912. This article compares his translations of various lines with English translations of other scholars. The author highlights careful selection of words, respect and reverence…

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This is English translation of a long fatwa of Ahmad Raza concerning intercession / seeking assistance of the Prophets and saints. Author has presented various traditions and narrations in support of intercession.

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This chronicle contains 55 points of time in the life of Ahmad Raza showing all the major events and milestones of his life. It gives an overall view of his life and times as well as historical events taking place during that era.

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کلام "عرش حق ہے مسندِ رفعت رسول اللہ کی " کا انگلش منظوم ترجمہ اس مقالے میں کیا گیا ہے۔

Position: 299 (33 views)

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